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Your website is the foundation of your marketing strategy. It allows you to control every aspect of how your visitors perceive your organization. It should be a place where people can learn why they should do business with you.

Websites we create are developed on the idea that building trust with prospects, and helping them make an informed decision, is the way to go. While the possibilities of what you can do with a website are nearly endless, it all boils down to three primary purposes:

  • Educate your prospects about your products and services so that they can make an informed buying decision.
  • Give your customers a place to shop for your products and services, and even complete transactions.
  • Provide a place for existing clients to get service, support, or learn more about your offerings.

Whatever your business needs, you will benefit from great design and user experience, with an emphasis on achieving the goals outlined in your marketing plan.


CASEY can help you to do all of these things by leading you through a process of understanding what your customers need, and then building them a place to find it online. Our approach is to build websites for people, not for search engines. We use the Growth Driven Design methodology to help adapt your website over time, so it never becomes "dated" or "stale."

If you're looking to collect information from prospects, landing pages are a great way to go.

A landing page is a one-page website that allows a visitor to learn about your business and usually promises them something in return for providing their contact information. These incentives are frequently referred to as "offers." Here are some examples:

  • Checklists
  • Side by Side Comparisons
  • Detailed Guides/How To Documents
  • Whitepapers
  • Free Samples
  • Free Consultations
  • Explainer Videos

There are three primary places you should consider using landing pages:

  • Links to landing pages throughout your website, directing visitors to offers. These links are frequently a component of a "Call to Action" (CTA)
  • When using online advertising, it is sometimes advisable to link that ad to a landing page.
  • If you're sending direct mail, sending potential clients to a landing page will help you measure ROI and provide visitors with a continuation of the themes addressed in the mail piece.

No matter how you use them, the key is to strike the perfect balance between the information you're asking for and value to the potential lead. If you have an offer that is targeted to a prospect who is just learning about a new product or service, they probably won't want to give away their phone number. If they are getting ready to make a purchase and need to schedule a consultation, then that might be perfect timing.

CASEY can help you create landing pages, as well as the offers that go along with them. We will even monitor how well the visitors to your landing pages are converting to contacts, and offer advice on how to continuously improve the quality and quantity of your leads.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest: the list goes on and on. Most small to medium sized businesses can only focus on one or two of these channels at a time. With the focus you do have, how can you make the most of the time you spend?

This all boils down to two questions:

  • What's the purpose of your social media presence?
  • Where do your target prospects spend their time?

These are questions that should be addressed when you're creating your buyer personas. You want your efforts to be focused in areas your buyers are spending the most time.

Social media advertising is becoming more and more effective every day because it allows you to get very specific with targeting. Facebook Ads, in particular, are worth considering whether you're a B2B or B2C company.

CASEY can help you to create a social publishing calendar, compose posts/updates, and then schedule them to be published when your intended audience is most likely to see them. We can also help with targeting ads so you reach the right people on the right device with the right content.


The best way to have an immediate positive impact on your marketing strategy is to make use of personalization. In fact, according to a United States Postal Service article, 55% of millennials would like access to personalized experiences and services that large companies can't provide.

Often times, the best way to provide the personalization craved by this new generation of decision makers is personalized printing paired with an equally personalized digital experience.

New marketing tools allow you to create customized landing pages, based on information you know about your potential buyer. Text, images and just about any other element can be changed. This works just like mail-merge, so you just create one template and use it for everyone.

These landing pages may be accessed via personalized URLs. Also known as PURLs, these personalized URLs are created by software. They generate web addresses like When John Smith visits his site, it is personalized just for him.

CASEY can take the complexity out of this for you. We analyze the data you have available about your clients, then help you figure out what you can do with it to create a customized experience, which will increase response rate - and ultimately leads.

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