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Content Management Systems: The Future of Web Design

Let's face it, Content Managements Systems have had a shaky and inconsistent past. They historically have been notoriously difficult to update and use, and they segment the fluidity of a website into widgets, modules and other boxy containers that tend to compromise a web designer's artistic vision. They also feature rigid templates that are at times freakishly complex and extremely difficult to modify, further exacerbating the problem. Add to this the sheer number of Content Management Systems providers, each with their own workflow, set of templates, focus and contributors, and what you have is a complete mess.

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Understanding Content Management Systems

When we talk about modern web sites a phrase that gets thrown around a lot is Content Management Systems, or CMS, but have you ever wondered what exactly is a Content Management System? Maybe you've wondered how exactly your business or organization could benefit from using a CMS? Well in this article we'll walk you through what a CMS is, some common questions and answers, and the pros and cons of deploying a web site using CMS.

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