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What's the History of Paper?

Who Invented Paper?

There are many theories as to who and when paper was invented, but the general concensus is that a Chinese gentleman named T'sai Lun was responsible, sometime around 105AD. He was rumored to have been inspired by bees weaving fibers together, which caused him to experiment on his own. Although he was not the first to create a fiberous substrate, he is credited with creating a documented meathod to the art of papermaking.

How is Paper Made?

How is Paper Made?

Paper is made in two steps:

  1. Cellulose fibers are extracted from a variety of sources and converted to pulp.
  2. Pulp is combined with water and placed on a paper making machine where it is flattened, dried, and cut into sheets and rolls.

Three Best Ways to Print Magazines and Catalogs

There are a plethora of different sizes, shapes and formats from which magazine and catalog publishers can choose – but (there’s always a “but”, right?) if you are looking for that perfect combination of format, quality and price, following are some suggestions:

Why do we wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

The Casey Clan has deeps roots in Ireland so naturally we seek the truth regarding all things Irish (although we tend not to let too many facts get in the way of a good story!).

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Magazine Printing Companies in Northern California

We know we have competition...

For more than a century (since 1901) Casey Printing  has been helping northern California publishers print magazines and catalogs. For this reason we feel uniquely qualified to offer insights into printing resources in this area. Our customers have come to trust our judgement, so occasionally, when there is a project that does not fit our services for one reason or another, we are asked to suggest other sources of printing.

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How To Make a Print Ready File In Apple Keynote

So you want to build a print file in Keynote:

At CASEY, we wholeheartedly believe that you should always use the best tool for the job. For print layouts, we suggest using Adobe InDesign. Sometimes you've gotta work with the tools  you have though, and sometimes that tool is Keynote. 

Since Keynote is not designed for producing print files, there are some tricks to make it behave. Here's how to whip it into shape:

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Cuesta Survey Gets Results

Executing a complex community survey is a challenge. Getting it into the hands of community members, generating excitement and interest, and getting those surveys returned and tabulated can be a daunting task.

That was just the job Stephan Gunsaulus, Cuesta’s Director of Marketing and Communications, was ready to tackle. Cuesta College was looking for an effective way to reach out to residents of San Luis Obispo County to provide input for the 2011-2016 Educational Master Plan. As an accomplished marketing veteran, Stephan knew an integrated approach, utilizing both print and digital delivery, would be needed. The question was how to execute such a strategy. Much to his delight, Casey literally walked in the door with the answer; Casey's new "cross-media" marketing solution.

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How To Design a Book in InDesign (Free Template!)

If you're a self-publisher, chances are good that you're designing your own books. Unfortunately the tools we use for writing, like Word, don't always make for great book design. This is a job for industry-standard tools like Adobe InDesign. The good news is that pricing for InDesign has become very reasonable recently, but the bad news is it's still difficult to use. So you might still need a little help to get started.

That's why we've put together this basic how-to. Now you can build a book in InDesign that you can use time and again on as many books as you like!

Before we get started, take advantage of the free template download so you can follow along. Or if you would rather have us design a custom template for you, hit the "Talk to an Expert" button.

Download The InDesign Template › Talk to an Expert ›

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How to Create a Newsletter in InDesign

Sometimes the most difficult thing about starting a newsletter is... well... starting the newsletter. We have our contributors, we know what our goals are, we know who our audience is, and we know when we want to start, but we still have to build the thing.

Well here at CASEY we're not just great at printing newsletters, we have a lot of experience designing them as well, and know I'm going to share with you the basics of how to create a newsletter in InDesign.

Before we get started, download the InDesign template so you can follow along. Or if you would rather have us design the template for you, hit the "Talk to an Expert" button.

Download The InDesign Template ›   Talk to an Expert ›

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Typography Shop Talk: Web Design vs. Graphic Design

Even if you've never heard of the term “Shop Talk,” chances are still very good that you've heard shop talk, or may have even participated in it yourself. In a nutshell, shop talk is the jargon specific to an occupation or special interest. One common example of shop talk you may have participated in is sports jargon. Inning, Safety, Punt, Quarterback, Strike, Goal, Ball, Foul, Out, Steal, Error and so on. Photographers may refer to F-stops, Focal Lengths, ISO, Shutter Speeds & Megapixels, while designers may talk about Color Spaces, Color Theory, Wireframes, Mood Boards, Levels, Pixel Depth, Strokes and Fills. Whatever your profession or interest, there's likely some Shop Talk associated with it.

Today we're going to focus on Typography, and the curious case of two different trades that use their own very different Shop Talk to describe very similar concepts: Web Designers and Graphic Designers.

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